Are you passionate about shaping the next generation of leaders? Do you have a desire to make a positive impact on young mind? If so, we invite you to be part of our dynamic summer team! BOLD Summers is looking for mission-driven individuals to join us for an incredible summer as a Residential Counselor on one of our sites.

What you'll do

  • Create a safe and supportive living environment for our student participants.
  • Mentor and guide students to foster personal growth.
  • Assist with academic logistics to ensure a smooth process.
  • Organize and participate in evening programs.
  • Coordinate and participate in weekend trips.
  • Build meaningful connections with students and fellow counselors.

Experience Your Summer

What we're looking for

We are seeking passioante and dedicated individuals who possess:

  • A love of working with young people.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills.
  • An ability to create a positive and inclusive community.
  • A background or interest in education and mentorship.
  • A flexible and adaptable attitude to ensure a memorable summer experience for all.

Typical Day as a Residential Counselor


  • Morning check-in to ensure students are ready for their academic day.
  • Walk students to on-campus cafeteria for breakfast.
  • After breakfast, walk students to their assigned academic building.
  • Return to the residence hall for a morning team meeting and brainstorm the day’s “to-do”s.
  • Part of the staff will take their daily time off in the morning.


Enjoy your lunch hour selecting from over 15 dining options around the Perelman Center and on Penn’s campus. Select from restaurants, cafes, healthy take-out options or the incredible line up of food trucks that park on the main streets


  • Plan and complete any tasks for the evening activities and upcoming needs.
  • Participate in staff check-in meetings.
  • Welcome students back to the residence and staff areas throughout/near the residence halls during student free time.
  • Part of the staff will take their daily time off in the afternoon.


  • Walk students to the cafeteria for dinner or local restaurants near campus.
  • Plan and facilitate the evening activity or trip.
  • Participate in staff check-in meetings.
  • Host a nightly check-in meeting before curfew with students to go through the next day’s schedule.
  • After curfew, staff walk the residence hall to make sure noise levels are respectful and students are safe in the rooms.


Requirements To Be A Residential Counselor

  • Minimum age of 19 years old
  • Must be either in college, just graduated or recently working
  • Have prior experience working with teens
  • Willingness to work non-traditional hours (morning, nights, and weekends)
  • Complete all trainings and pre-employment credentials required by BOLD Summers and the state of Pennsylvania.


Joining our team as a Residential Counselor offers numerous benefits

  • Competitive compensation.
  • On-Campus housing and meals provided.
  • Spend your summer at one of our prestigious universities and enjoy everything the campus has to offer.
  • A chance to travel on the weekend.
  • Our programs are nonstop fun! On the weekends we visit New York City, Washington DC, Ocean City, NJ, Hershey Park, The Philadelphia Zoo and more!
  • A chance to make a meaningful impact on young lives.
  • A fun and supportive team environment.
  • Build your resume.
  • Develop transferable skills in areas of leadership, problem solving, conflict resolution, and decision making.
  • Create friendships with students and staff members from all over the world.
  • Spend your summer with a diverse group of students and staff from all over the world. Create unforgettable memories while eating in the dining hall, walking throughout campus, and participating in activities!

There are not many experiences out there that can offer a combination of interactive on the job training, quality relational building and an all around unforgettable summer experience all put together in an unassuming title as residential counselor. Try it and your life will be impacted by the most captivating memories you will never forget.


Residential Director