Be BOLD This Summer


WHO We Are

The full-time team at BOLD Summers have been involved with running summer programs for students ages 10-17 for over 23 years. BOLD Summers partners with staff, clients, businesses and students on their personal and professional journeys, by delivering exceptional pre-college summer programs, enriching camps and transformative trainings.


Excellence – design world class, innovative programming

Growth – spark growth through programs, training and networking

Inspiration – inspire customers to ignite passions and chase their dreams

Connection – challenge staff, employees and students through relationship and community

Honesty – keep integrity at the core of what we do

OUR Story

The founders of Bold Summers have been in the industry for over 23 years. Since 1998, we have been offering revolutionary programming that has now become incorporated into many summer camps and programs as an industry standard. While we continue to be inspired from our roots in our prior organization, we redesigned and rebranded with the new name of BOLD SUMMERS, because that is who we are, it’s the type of summer program we offer, and it’s how we will continue to reimagine our program offerings.

Bold Summers continues to partner with high schools, colleges and universities to offer inspiring, diverse and motivating experiences for students ages 11-18 across all subjects. Our hope is that by joining us each summer, you too will be energized and inspired as you deep dive into possibilities for your future. Be BOLD!

University Life

Participating in any of the BOLD programs will harness independence, develop lasting friendships, and give you a first-hand university experience on a pristine college campus. Whether it’s one of the medical programs at the University of Pennsylvania, a business, esports, or analytics major at Villanova University, an entrepreneurial endeavor in sustainability at Yale University, or a combination of many focus courses, your imagination will soar to new heights, your independence will be developed, lasting friendships will be formed with friends from around the globe, and your passions for a specific area of study will be ignited to another level.

Faculty & Staff

their field

With over 40 years combined experience in the industry, we know what it takes to deliver exceptional programs and we have the long term commitment to do it exceptionally well. The executive team of BOLD Summers has the depth of experience and the range of expertise to lead a nimble and effective team.

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