Make Your Summer a bold Summer

We offer pre-college programs in just about every field you can imagine;
medicine, business, entrepreneurship, fashion and engineering are just a few of
the popular programs.

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University Life

Participating in any of the BOLD programs will harness independence, develop lasting friendships, and give you a first-hand university experience on a pristine college campus. Whether it’s one of the medical programs at the University of Pennsylvania, a business, esports, or analytics major at Villanova University, an entrepreneurial endeavor in sustainability at Yale University, or a combination of many focus courses, your imagination will soar to new heights, your independence will be developed, lasting friendships will be formed with friends from around the globe, and your passions for a specific area of study will be ignited to another level.

Over 40 Years

Experts in the field and understand what makes this generation who they are today.

Gen Z

Tailored programming that truly appeals to Gen Z.

Faculty & Staff

Specialists in
their field

Our full-time BOLD staff work year-round, refining curriculum, supporting our clients, and preparing for the summer. Our brilliant academic faculty are educators and specialists in their field and join us every summer. Our dynamic residential staff come from over 20 different countries each summer, making your experience a truly global experience.

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