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Build your weekly schedule with either a full day Major or two half day Electives.

Ages 14-18 June 27 - August 7
(weekly sessions)
Tuition: Residential $2,295Commuter $625 Included: Meals + course supplies

* Not Included: transportation + weekend fees

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About Psychology

This psychology elective allows high school students to gain perspective on personality and perception through analysis of psychological experiments.

Understanding how and why we think unlocks limitless possibilities. Our instructors take you through various dimensions of human behavior, delving into the mysteries of the human psyche.

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Simple experiments like how color or music affect behavior are all part of psychology. Psychologists’ observations help researchers understand humans better including everyday behaviors and disorders that impact people. We select our instructors for both their expertise and their love for what they do best. This passion makes each class engaging, fun, and really different than your typical high school class. This isn’t just a lecture-style class taking notes and test-taking. The goal is to dive into different areas of psychology and develop an interest and deeper understanding of the subject. Whether that is testing out a hypothesis through experiments or working with your classmates to discuss human behavior, this class will help you understand the possibilities this interesting branch of science offers.

Students usually opt to take this elective for a few reasons:
Many high schools don’t offer psychology as a class and this is a great opportunity to see if this is a subject that is interesting to you. Some students are already interested in psychology and want to dive deeper into the subject. The small class size, informal and fun atmosphere, and professional instructors make this the perfect opportunity to explore a new area of psychology. You are preparing to take a psychology class in the upcoming school year and want to get a jump start. This class can help you prepare for the class and ensure you start the school year with the right mindset.