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Build your weekly schedule with either a full day Major or two half day Electives.

Ages 14-18 June 27 - August 7
(weekly sessions)
Tuition: Residential $2,295Commuter $625 Included: Meals + course supplies

* Not Included: transportation + weekend fees

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About Sports Analytics

The hit movie, Moneyball, opened viewers’ eyes to the world of sports statistics. The Moneyball: Sports Analytics Major lets you delve deeper into this fascinating realm, showing you how to turn simple data into deep discoveries that defy conventional wisdom. Hosted at Villanova University, the Moneyball major welcomes talented high school students who are intrigued by statistics and excited by sports. The major covers the basics of a Statistics 101 course exclusively using examples and datasets from the world of sports. The summer experience serves as an entrée into the sports statistics world, an area not traditionally covered in schools.

You will learn the “Moneyball” method which focuses on using data to make deep discoveries that are not obvious and certainly go against conventional wisdom. When it comes to sports, you will become a data-driven analyst. As you learn statistical reasoning as well as key data analysis skills, you will be ready to be a leader in a data-driven world no matter what future career you aspire to. Moneyball covers some of statistics 101 course content as well as many advanced level statistics course topics. This major also teaches you how to apply the statistical techniques you learn in AP Statistics. This major is ideal for students who love sports and have strong math skills.