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Ages 14-18 June 27 - August 7
(weekly sessions)
Tuition: Residential $2,295Commuter $625 Included: Meals + course supplies

* Not Included: transportation + weekend fees

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About Engineering Robotics

This engineering elective for high school students will allow you to manipulate your robot’s gears, motors and sensors by using cutting-edge technology.

Robotics is one of the technological touchstones of the future. Those that know it and understand it will be well-positioned to lead innovation in a global society. Master roboteers leverage the physics of the world around us to create robots that solve human problems. Guided by experts, you’ll utilize cutting-edge robotics technology to design and build your robot. Once complete, you will use a unique programming language to manipulate the gears, motors and sensors on your creation, “training” it to complete the assigned tasks. This course challenges you to resolve issues using finite sets of resources and leaves you with the ability to come up with creative solutions for all of life’s problems.